You can feel a little frustrated if puppy potty training fails to progress as you expect. There are challenges that come with potty training every puppy. Nevertheless, when you have techniques for potty training a puppy, you can foster the desired elimination behavior the soonest possible and even establish a loving and trusting relationship with your puppy.

Come up with house rules

You need to have rules that the dog should follow. For instance, you can allow the puppy access to the toilet area frequently. This will prevent house soiling. You can also reward the puppy for pooping or peeing at the right place. The puppy should also have a timely and regular feeding schedule. It is also important that you keep a record or diary of when the puppy eliminates.

Feed the puppy regularly

Putting the puppy on a regular feeding schedule will make potty training faster. This is because what will go in on the regular schedule will also come out on the regular schedule. Nevertheless, remember that each puppy is different. A puppy can poop immediately it eats while another can wait for 30 minutes before it poops. The first elimination schedule of the puppy should be random. The second should not associate you with food provision.

Confine the puppy

This is a flexible and effective method because it enables the puppy to develop a den instinct naturally. It enables the puppy to know where it can eliminate and where it cannot. To potty train a puppy effectively, you should develop the desire of avoiding to soil the den in it. Confinement and due diligence will develop this desire in the puppy.

Designate a toilet area for the puppy

It is important that you set a toilet area aside for the puppy. If you live in an apartment, street level apartment or even a home whose outdoor access is difficult, you can use a pen or bathroom for potty training. If you live in a home or street-level apartment whose outdoor access is easy, you can use a close, specific outdoor location for house training.

Have the right potty training items

You need the necessary items for potty training your puppy such as products for cleaning fecal and urine stains in the puppy den. You also need a crate that will accommodate the puppy. It is also important that you have an exercise pen and special treats or rewards for the puppy.

Correct mistakes properly during potty training

In case you catch the puppy making a potty training mistake, show your disapproval with your facial expression. The puppy will naturally know that it has done something wrong. If an accident happens, do not make a big deal of it. Instead, reward the puppy when it potty at the designated toilet area. Nevertheless, puppy potty training will be effective and faster if you remain positive, persistent and patient with the puppy and always reinforce positive elimination habits.

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